Seesmic and Evernote bring social memory to your iPhone (and Android, too) « Evernote Blogcast

Twitter and Facebook have fundamentally changed the way we interact and communicate with one another. Sadly, both services have a major shortcoming: it’s nearly impossible to save something and find it later. What we need is an easy, reliable way to archive elements of our social streams. Put another way: we need to save the stuff into Evernote. Help has arrived in the form a cute little raccoon.

Seesmic, the wildly popular social networking app, has integrated Evernote into their great new iPhone version (available from the App Store). Now, whenever you see something of interest pop up on Twitter or Facebook, you can save it into Evernote with a couple of taps.

How it works

Let’s say, you’re reading through your Twitter or Facebook feeds in Seesmic for iPhone and something really cool shows up–something you’d like to save–tap on the tweet, then tap on the share icon in the lower right corner of the screen, and select Send to Evernote.

Here’s the awesome part, sending to Evernote launches Evernote for iPhone and creates a new note containing the message with a link to the original content. Since you’re in Evernote, you can edit the note and add some additional thoughts, change the tags, move it to a different notebook, and then save it forever.

With one step, Seesmic and Evernote have solved a major modern problem. Thanks Loic, and team!


Seesmic will automatically assign some tags based on the metadata of the tweet or Facebook message. You can always edit or remove them from within Evernote.

How it works on Android

If you have both Evernote and Seesmic installed on your Android device, then saving tweets and Facebook updates is incredibly easy. Simply tap and hold on the tweet, choose Share, then select Evernote. This will launch the Evernote app with the tweet as a new note. Get Evernote and Seesmic from the Android Market.


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